Know All about Power Push Ups

Push ups are the most convenient way to build up your chest, shoulders, arms and upper back. It can be performed at any place, and you dont need to carry your gym with you wherever you go.

Do you know that most of the men who train with weights cannot do single handstand pushups? When I first found this out I was stunned.

A few Things to keep in mind:

Always keep your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with fingers together and pointing straight ahead.

If you have ever had any shoulder pain, stick to the 90-degree limit. Deeper push ups can stretch the shoulder capsule and put strain on the joint. This can cause pain.

Start in the upper position with your arms straight.

Inhale as you lower yourself towards the floor.

Dont go lower than forming a 90-degree bend with your elbows.

Exhale as you push yourself up from the floor.

Dont lock your elbows at the top.

Your back should be straight. Dont let it sag and dont stick your butt up in the air.

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