Are You Destined to Sit on the Couch? If someone mentions exercise do you think, “I hate to exercise. There’s no way I’m doing that. Exercise is hard, it’s a drag, it takes too much time.” These types of beliefs may be keeping you from discovering a fun way to […]

Overcoming Resistance to Exercise

By Phil Beckett Copyright © Physique Concepts Inc. In addition to stretching the muscles involved in cardiovascular exercise, you need to stretch each specific muscle you train in a fitness program. When you stretch your muscles it helps to provide better physical performance, prevents injuries, and can help to improve […]

Fitness, Stretching & Exercise Selection For Women

by Renee Kennedy and Terry Kent Summer is right around the corner, but there’s 2 feet of snow in my driveway! If you like to exercise outside, or you drive to the gym, how are you going to exercise when the weather is lousy? Plan a simple, but effective exercise […]

An Exercise and Fitness Routine for those ‘Blah’ Days